A new year also means a new home, do you agree? This can be the case for anyone who has the means to because maybe the holidays may have tightened up your budget for 2020. Well, if that’s the case, there is still hope for change as there are several affordable ways to redesign your home. Here are some.

Swapping your Furniture

Swap the lamps found in your entertainment room with what is on your bedroom tables. You can do this with other home decorations that aren’t built in, this includes blankets, pillows, plants, and vases.

Colorizing the books on your shelves

Try doing the ROYGBIV color when arranging the spine shades of your book on your shelves. You can try other color combinations too that fit your style. This can bring some sort of peace to your room.

Applying Feng Shui

To make the flow of energy inside your home better, you can apply some basic Feng Shui arrangements on your newly planned layout. One example is by placing your desk in a way that is facing the door, in Feng Shui this is what they call a “place of power”. Other basic applications include keeping the door of your bathroom closed, placing mirrors in a place where they can reflect sunlight, and more.

Taking away things that are Unnecessary

This is common sense, taking away stuff that is unnecessary can free your room from feeling like the stuff is taking away all the energy inside the room. For a start, remove at least one unnecessary thing in every room of your house and better donate them to charity. Just make sure when you donate, they are still functional so others might benefit from it.

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