Creating DIYs should be enjoyable on the part of the maker, for what sense will it make if what you are doing bores you and stresses you out? The problem is, most of us can’t finish projects that require much of our time. For that reason, we bring you DIYs for maximalists that will add up to the style of your room without consuming much of your time.

A Glittering Clock

Do you always rely on your phone to know the time? Well, here we suggest that you place a glittering clock on your wall space. You can use pain, gloss glaze, and confetti to make your unstylish wall clock- stylish in an instant.

Mugs with Gold

Chances are, you use your mug every day, so make your coffee or tea time glamourous. You can use special paint and some gold pieces from a dollar store and make your mug fabulous and worthy of your keeping.

A seat that has Confetti

You can actually complete a DIY Confetti seat in 10 minutes. You can transform a lifeless chair into a colorful one with the use of Mod Podge and confetti.

A tissue box outlined in Gem

You might not have thought much about your tissue box, but after telling you this idea, you might. There is actually a tissue box that is covered in rhinestone. You can purchase this box cover through Amazon Prime and make your own tissue box DIY in minutes.

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