Shelves do help in addressing many decorative issues, yet at the same time they can complicate the arrangement of furniture. One example is a built-in shelf, this type of shelf can take up a big part of the wall where you can put your other furniture, and this can be difficult especially when your place is small.

Here are correct ways to place a furniture right in front of your shelf:

Objects that are Seldomly used should be Stored at the Base of the Shelf

In a small studio condominium or apartment, furniture being placed right in front of the shelf is unavoidable. If this is also true for your living space, then it is advisable for you to store items that are not often used at the bottom part of your shelf.

Place Chairs instead of Sofas

If possible, it is better to put chairs instead of sofas because sofas will cover a big part of your shelf. Chairs are more movable, so placing chairs is more practical to do. Doing this also allows the lower part of your shelf to be visible.

Balance your Colors

Keep your colors neutral to balance out your decoration. For example, white chairs, tables, and shelves can make colorful books more radiant. It is okay to place a table in front of your shelf as long as it is placed in a way that will be easy for chairs to be pulled out.

Try these simple arrangements out so you’ll know for yourself what an amazing idea this is.

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