10 Unused Fireplace Decor Ideas to Transform Your Space

There’s a unique allure to the cozy corner of a living room where a fireplace resides. However, what happens when that fireplace remains dormant? Enter the concept of unused fireplace decor. Like an empty canvas awaiting an artist’s touch, an open fireplace is brimming with design potential. Instead of letting it remain a void in your room, transform that unused fireplace into a show-stopping focal point.
The Importance of Unused Fireplace Decor
We’ve all seen or even lived in homes with a nonworking …

How to Homeschool When You Don’t Have a Designated School Room

Many homeschoolers find themselves in a situation where they don’t have a designated schoolroom. This can be a challenge, but it is not impossible to homeschool without one. There are many homeschool resources that are available to help you get started. You can also get creative with your homeschool space by using different areas of your home to accommodate your homeschooling needs.
When homeschooling, it’s not always necessary to have a designated schoolroom. In fact, many homeschooling families don&#8217…

Helpful Tips for Designing Your Homeschool Space

This article will discuss some practical tips to help you set up a functional and perfect homeschool space. This way, you will enhance productivity and learning.
Get a Good Work Station
You should place furniture such as a desk or table in front of a shelf to spread your work. It should be a workspace where you can leave your work untampered and return it whenever needed. If your workstation must meet the needs of more than one family, then you should get a table or …

Placing Furniture Right in Front of a Shelf is in Reality an Amazing Idea

Shelves do help in addressing many decorative issues, yet at the same time they can complicate the arrangement of furniture. One example is a built-in shelf, this type of shelf can take up a big part of the wall where you can put your other furniture, and this can be difficult especially when your place is small.
Here are correct ways to place a furniture right in front of your shelf:
Objects that are Seldomly used should be Stored at the Base of the Shelf
In a small studio condominium or apartment, furniture being placed right in front of the shelf is unavoidable. If this is also true for your living space, then it …

Breaking Layout Rules in 2020

A new decade can mean new rules in designing. It’s the time to embrace change to your home decorations and furniture placements as the year has just started. So, here are some rule breaking designs you can try applying to your own home.
Transfer Your Bed right in Front of the Window.
This is not a common furniture layout when it comes to Feng Shui rules, but it can be very beautiful to look at once you do it. A bed with lower frames and headboards will fit in this kind of furniture placement so you could still get the natural light you need for the day.
Place a Desk at the Side of your Bed.
Placing a tiny …

Some Affordable Ways to Redesign Your Home for 2020

A new year also means a new home, do you agree? This can be the case for anyone who has the means to because maybe the holidays may have tightened up your budget for 2020. Well, if that’s the case, there is still hope for change as there are several affordable ways to redesign your home. Here are some.
Swapping your Furniture
Swap the lamps found in your entertainment room with what is on your bedroom tables. You can do this with other home decorations that aren’t built in, this includes blankets, pillows, plants, and vases.
Colorizing the books on your shelves
Try doing the ROYGBIV color when arranging …

Amazing Ideas for Decorating your Home During the Cold Winter days

When the world around you turns cold and gray, you will want to make the inside of your home cozy and warm. So, here are some ideas we got from touring houses that are located in cold weathered areas that will help you make your home more comfortable during the winter days.
Make your Home Fuzzy.
To make your place cozy, it is ideal to add softness to the surfaces of your home. One example is by adding furry cushions to your chairs. This is an option that can simply be changed when summer time hits you.
Add a mix of Neutral and Dark Colors to your Home.
Doing this will undoubtedly help to make your home feel …