A new decade can mean new rules in designing. It’s the time to embrace change to your home decorations and furniture placements as the year has just started. So, here are some rule breaking designs you can try applying to your own home.

Transfer Your Bed right in Front of the Window.

This is not a common furniture layout when it comes to Feng Shui rules, but it can be very beautiful to look at once you do it. A bed with lower frames and headboards will fit in this kind of furniture placement so you could still get the natural light you need for the day.

Place a Desk at the Side of your Bed.

Placing a tiny desk on your bedside will offer you a station for working and a useful nightstand in your own bedroom. This desk will also be useful for you to place your water or alarm clock during the night. Not only that, you can also work at the comforts of your own bed while saving space for your room. You don’t have to place a space consuming chair on your bedside, you can use a little pouf to keep under the drawers of your desk.

Arrange your Tables by Layering them.

Bins and chairs are not the only stuff you can keep under a table, in fact smaller tables can be layered under taller ones so you could save up some space for your room. One example is placing an ottoman under a coffee table.

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