Home and Decor Magazine is all about the home and its interior design. This magazine is designed to inspire people to give more life and beauty to their homes.

Just recently launched this year by our team of expert designers, it has already become known in the media. We, as a company, are continually growing and inspiring people by giving them practical tips in designing their own homes- giving them an idea of how different people from all over the world design their homes.

We offer you advice from our experts, guides to shopping, and DIYs. Our aim is to let people see how other people decorate their homes beautifully, and according to budget. Moreover, we offer you practical tips within your own probable budget.

We will feature and tour you to one new House daily which comes directly from our own readers, displaying reality through videos. The houses featured come in different sizes, decorations, and are built on different costs depicting how people live in their homes today. We consider each home as unique on its own together with the family or individuals who live within these homes, and this is how we inspire our readers to design their own homes creatively according to their own style.

Our website has reached millions of people in the community through our newsletters and accounts in social media. Furthermore, we have also received hundreds and thousands of views from the videos we produce and 100 new articles weekly. Moreover, our followers in total in social media have reached about a million already.