A solar attic fan is needed to help expel stale, hot air and let in the fresh air because attics are often naturally hot. However, without understanding how a solar attic fan works, it may be hard to know if it is working correctly. You can determine it is faulty by looking for these five signs.

1. Noisiness

If your solar attic fan starts to make a funny sound or is overly loud, it may be a sign it isn’t working correctly. Check the fan thoroughly to see if there are any loose parts. If you can fix them, you should go ahead and tighten them up. Also, look out for the blades of the fan.

If they appear bent, that may also be why your attic fan is noisy. An experienced technician should be consulted before trying to repair bent blades. Often, you may need to replace the solar attic fan once the blades are bent.

2. Working Nonstop

There are two significant reasons why your attic fan may start running nonstop. One is that your solar attic fan doesn’t have a controller. Hence it will be working nonstop till the power supply is cut off.

Another reason may be that your solar attic vent runs at a lower temperature than the thermostat. Many attic fans come with a thermostat controller that allows you to set the desired temperature you want the fan to run on. If your attic temperature becomes lower than that of your outdoor space, your attic fan will constantly run in a bid to match the outdoor temperature.

3. Less Ventilation

If you notice your solar attic fan isn’t bringing in enough ventilation, that’s a sign that it is not working as it should. Check that your attic vents are not blocked or clogged with dust. If this is the case, you may need to clean these vents and then try turning on the attic fan again.

After cleaning the vents, if you discover that your solar attic fan is still not bringing much air, it may just be that your attic fan has stopped working altogether. At this point, you should seek the help of a technician for proper diagnostics before replacing them.

4. Not Turning On

If you’ve tried turning on your attic fan and it’s refusing to come on, then something might just be wrong. There are several reasons why your solar-powered attic fan may not be turning on. It could be a result of an electrical issue with the power socket.

Another possible reason it may not be coming on is that the thermostat or fan motor is faulty. If the fault is from your electrical sockets, you can simply connect to another power outlet. If the problem is from the thermostat or fan motor, you may be required to replace it.

5. Producing a Burning Smell

If you can perceive a burning smell, your solar attic fan may be working against you. You may need to check the fan motor. Spoilt fan motors can be a significant reason your attic fan has a burning smell. Replacing the motor is more cost-effective than trying to repair it.

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