This might be hard to believe but this is true! There are in fact big towns and cities that create programs to lure people to them. If you wonder what cities these are, here are some. The Home and Decor experts explore this trend.

The “Alaska Permanent Fund”

This investment fund began during the 1960s after the increase in revenue of oil lease. The fund paid the real residents of Alaska annually based on the performance of the fund. The money is released to people who are permanent residents in Alaska, to those who have no history of crimes, and to those who have not left Alaska for 180 days or more during the year before it.

Hamilton City in Ohio

The foundation in Hamilton offers scholarship programs reaching up to 300$/month to debts students have to pay- only if they are willing to live in Hamilton, Ohio. The condition is that you should not be employed for 30 months while you are being paid just for staying there.

Tulsa City in Oklahoma

The “Tulsa Remote Program” will pay $10,000 to those who are willing to move in Tulsa city. Not only that, they will also provide a space for working and will also help you find a place to stay. You should be 18 years of age, qualified to have a job in the state, and are able transfer to the city in a span of six months, to be eligible for the program.

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