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10 Unused Fireplace Decor Ideas to Transform Your Space

There’s a unique allure to the cozy corner of a living room where a fireplace resides. However, what happens when that fireplace remains dormant? Enter the concept of unused fireplace decor. Like an empty canvas awaiting an artist’s touch, an open fireplace is brimming with design potential. Instead of letting it remain a void in your room, transform that unused fireplace into a show-stopping focal point.
The Importance of Unused Fireplace Decor
We’ve all seen or even lived in homes with a nonworking …

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How to Decorate a Brick Wall: 10 Easy Ways

Exposed brick walls can add a unique and distinct charm to any room. Whether they are in the living room, bedroom, kitchen, homeschool room, or office, exposed brick walls give off an old-world feel that adds character and a unique industrial style to any space. But styling a brick wall can be tricky; too much decoration can make it look cluttered, while too little may make it seem unfinished. Fortunately, there are many easy ways how to decorate a brick wall without making it look overdone or …

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Cities in the U.S. That Will Pay You Just to Reside There!

This might be hard to believe, but this is true! Big towns and cities create programs to lure people to them. If you wonder what cities these are, here are some. The Home and Decor experts explore this trend.
The “Alaska Permanent Fund”
This investment fund began during the 1960s after the increase in oil lease revenue. The fund pays the actual residents of Alaska annually based on the fund’s performance. The money is released to permanent residents in Alaska, to those who have no history of crimes, and those who have not left Alaska for 180 days or more during …


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